Welcome to E-LOOP

Introducing a new concept in wireless vehicle detection systems by Microtech Designs. This system replaces complex wired vehicle loop systems and can be adapted to a range of automated door systems and parking complexes. With easy to use and simple installation, saving many hours on time compared to other loop systems.

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Project Planning

Our business is resentless in the planning process of all products and innovation and the E-Loop project, is no different. We spend emormous time ir prepapring and facilitation the the project scope and beyond.


Project Crafting

The emphasis is this phase is to clearly articulate and interprete the range of specifications for each phase of design and development. We are meticulous in understanding the core operational nature to our clients.


Product Delivery

When a project is being tested and assessed in this final delivery phase, we adopt such scrutiny and QA, equivalent to most industries. This in turn allows our products to enter the market with surety and quality.


The E-Loop team has over 30 years of experience designing, developing and manufacturing a range of hi-tech systems, to suit the market. The company has a proven-record when it comes to solving complex issues whether it’s automation aligned to hardware or custom built solutions

Technical Support

Excellent technical support is guaranteed when you consult with the E-Loop team ranging from sales and services to specification and consultation

Quality Assured

All of our products including E-Loop and the E-Gates range are tested and assessed using a range of techniques and processes.

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